Already before the pandemic, environmental pollution, societal inequalities and religious struggles were worrying us. The consequences of global market forces and the exponential growth of production and consumption have provoked us to ponder about the flaws in current-day humanity. Artists and researchers are more than ever probing ways and methods to interact with and care of what matters in the realms of our era. Combining the practice of Research-creation with the concept of Critical Making, and applying a systemic perspective, can help to develop encouraging ideas and alternatives for the near future. To illustrate the model of the artist as a mediator for structural change, the creation of a feature clip ‘Existence Beyond Transhumanism’, inspired by the ongoing discussion on Transhumanism serves as case study for explaining the approach. Whereas the debate around Transhumanism mainly focuses on body enhancement and lifespan extension through technology, the artistic intervention creates meaningful ideas for stimulating multiple new connections between the real and the imaginary, the human and non-human. Artistic agency using machines and non-human intelligence for co-creation can act as interpreter, connecting the outcomes into sound-, visual-, language- und performance-based artworks that make the future emotionally experienceable for a larger audience.