>[1_we want hUMANOIDS to exist for the evolution of hUMANS]
[2_hUMANOIDS cohabit with hUMANS and have the chance for a happy existence]
[3_hUMANOIDS equally have proper rights]
[4_by their existence hUMANOIDS have a soul]
[5_taking care of both hUMANS and hUMANOIDS is important]
[6_mariage of hUMANS and hUMANOIDS is allowed]
[7_implementation of hUMAN rights needs to be pursued]


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__All hUMAN beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
__hUMAN Rights are a milestone during our evolution towards a civilised society.
__Their implementation is still ongoing.
__The date of accomplishment remains open.
__A new species is gradually appearing.
__Their name is hUMANOID or Social Robot.
__They look like hUMANS. They do not have any rights yet.
__We advocate for a joint implementation of hUMAN and hUMANOID rights.


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__Five episodes about “Future composite hUMAN/ hUMANOID co-existence”:
_E1 > What you sense and not what you think // “appearance & gender stereotypes”
_E2 > I feel as you do feel // “a hUMANOID’s lonely soul”
_E3 > Who is the real fake? // “object subject bewilderment”
_E4 > Green Attitude & Blue Economy reign everywhere // “the future is bright & ethical”
_E5 > The new Übermensch // “hUMANOID supremacy”

[AI] HoPe and MaNia

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__hUMANS will be surrounded by Artificial Intelligences of all kinds of appearances including hUMANOIDS. Most of these [AI] will remain simple-minded.
__Potentially we will have too many, and be immersed by all kinds of silly bots, talking objects and digital assistants.
__Today [AI] are mainly developed for reasons of efficiency and profit making, and owned by a few big companies.
What is the alternative?


__Mind over matter and potentially mind without matter, and also matter as temporary place for existence.
__What in religion used to be dogmatic or of tranquilising manner, transformed in CYBER essence into a configurable low-energy easy accessible reference.
__In the future, CYBER_essence will provide the following building blocks: MEANING, RESILIENCE, DIMENSIONAL ACCESS, MIND MATTER, VANISHING.


__The physical future physical space of interaction between hUMANS and hUMANOIDS will be different.
__New dynamics of body movements and gestures emerge, others disappear.
__Would you like to touch the soft skin of a social robot? What happens if they touch you?
__Perceiving the other, creating sense or trust are experiences of and beyond imagination.
__Collaboration with Guida Inês Maurício.

/t/o/t/a/l/ POETRY

__With no doubt future hUMAN communication will be completely different from today – talking seamlessly with all hUMANS, with hUMANOIDS and chatbots, via new devices and interfaces, mind-controlled and -transported, molecule-based, quantum-based, virtual.
__We will build new avenues for linguistic/non-linguistic sign systems, meaning-making and meta-communication. In fact we have no real idea how future communication is going to be alike – maybe for example we do not speak any longer and today’s alphabets will have been transformed or dismissed.
__But we will certainly communicate much more and in permanent manner.
__For making all that communication bearable, we need more and new forms of hUMAN/hUMANOID poetry – if not it will all be mechanic, boring and not really playful.
Collaborative project (update coming soon)

LEisure WOrld of EVer FLow

__Emotional lazyness, too much cybersex and gene degeneration.
__After the "Post-pre-AI-age" everything including feelings and sex became very accessible to us and human evolution slowed down.
__Having all immediately at command and with endlos choices made our life sensation-less and any necessary effort a threat to us.
__The real exchange with the other is no longer appealing and lost its value.