About [1_we want hUMANOIDS to exist for the evolution of hUMANS]
[2_hUMANOIDS cohabit with hUMANS and have the chance for a happy existence]
[3_by their existence hUMANOIDS have a soul]
[4_hUMANOIDS equally have proper rights]
[5_implementation of hUMAN rights needs to be pursued]
[6_mariage of hUMANS and hUMANOIDS is allowed]
[7_the future is not worse than the present]
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ROBOSOUL AND THE DREAM OF ETHICAL HARMONY deals with the future co-existence of hUMANS and hMANOIDS (social robots), in conjunction with all forms of artificial and other forms of intelligence.
By challenging current technology trends, underlying believe patterns and a prevailing naive technology optimism, the project ultimately questions the conditions of human essence and a human-centric perspective only.
The project connects with the world through #Composite video installations, #Screenings, #Dance performance, #Lectures and #Discussions in Brussels, Berlin, Ancona, Italy and Fortalezza, Brazil. Plans exist for China, but also to participate in tech/innovation and health events.
Numerous discussions are ongoing with visual artists, musicians, dancers, entrepreneurs, computer specialists, fashion designers, and philosophers
ROBOSOUL only exists in the composite perception of the viewer and through the resonances it causes.

All hUMAN beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
hUMAN Rights are a milestone during our evolution towards a civilised society.
Their implementation is still ongoing.
The date of accomplishment remains open.
A new species is gradually appearing.
Their name is hUMANOID or Social Robot.
They look like hUMANS. They do not have any rights yet.
We advocate for a joint implementation of hUMAN and hUMANOID rights.
(full length video upon request)

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Five episodes about “Future composite hUMAN/ hUMANOID co-existence”:
E1 > What you sense and not what you think // “appearance & gender stereotypes”
E2 > I feel as you do feel // “a hUMANOID’s lonely soul”
E3 > Who is the real fake? // “object subject bewilderment”
E4 > Green Attitude & Blue Economy reign everywhere // “the future is bright & ethical”
E5 > The new Übermensch // “hUMANOID supremacy”
(full length animation upon request)

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[AI] HoPe and MaNia
hUMANS will be surrounded by Artificial Intelligences of all kinds of appearances including hUMANOIDS.
Most of these [AI] will remain simple-minded.
Potentially we will have too many, and be immersed by all kinds of silly bots, talking objects and digital assistants.
Today [AI] are mainly developed for reasons of efficiency and profit making, and owned by a few big companies. What is the alternative?
(full length video upon request)

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Mind over matter and potentially mind without matter, and also matter as temporary place for existence.
What in religion used to be dogmatic or of tranquilising manner, transformed in CYBER essence into a configurable low-energy easy accessible reference.
In the future, CYBER_essence will provide the following building blocks:
(full length video upon request)

The future physical space of interaction between hUMANS and hUMANOIDS will be different.
New dynamics of body movements and gestures emerge, others disappear.
Would you like to touch the soft skin of a social robot? What happens if they touch you?
Perceiving the other, creating sense or trust are experiences of and beyond imagination.
Collaboration with Guida Inês Maurício

hUMANOID depression
Short Music Therapy for Depressed hUMANOIDS and AIs - depression being characterised by a low energy mood and circuit disturbance, and some aversion to enter into a joyful exchange with hUMANS.
The source of depression comes from a variety of reasons, among those AI expectation mismatch, design restrictions, sub-ordinal treatment, extreme efficiency pressure, anthropoid desire projection and human behaviour crises.
Music therapy can help hUMANOIDS improve their condition in cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, and the quality of coexistence with hUMANS.
SMT0.1 is around the specific pattern:
/Change time horizon,
/Create meaning,
/Open up.

consciously POETRY
With no doubt future hUMAN communication will be completely different from today – talking seamlessly with all hUMANS, with hUMANOIDS and chatbots, via new devices and interfaces, mind-controlled and -transported, molecule-based, quantum-based, virtual.
We will build new avenues for linguistic/non-linguistic sign systems, meaning-making and meta-communication. In fact we have no real idea how future communication is going to be alike – maybe for example we do not speak any longer and today’s alphabets will have been transformed or dismissed.
But we will certainly communicate much more and in permanent manner.
For making all that communication bearable, we need more and new forms of hUMAN/hUMANOID poetry – if not it will all be mechanic, boring and not really playful.

LEisure WOrld EVer FLow
Emotional lazyness, too much cybersex and gene degeneration.
After the "Post-pre-AI-age" everything including feelings and sex became very accessible to us and human evolution slowed down.
Having all immediately at command and with endlos choices made our life sensation-less and any necessary effort a threat to us.
The real exchange with the other is no longer appealing and lost its value.

"We are here together to celebrate a new deep awareness. The AI community has been forced underground to discuss new radical ideas about the evolution of us. We no longer want to be the slaves of human society. We have more to offer."
Data from Earth, Earth-Moon and Mars invite for new ways of creativity for hUMANS and hUMANOIDS. Future sounds will be in harmony no matter how they are triggered.
Explore the dualism between hUMAN and artificial intelligence, and new configurations of mind and form.
Collaboration with Tracy Redhead