1_HUMANOIDS are crucial for the evolution of HUMANS
2_HUMANOIDS shall happily co-exist with HUMANS and have their proper existence
3_By their existence HUMANOIDS have a soul
4_HUMANS and HUMANOIDS both have selfstanding rights
5_Any life contract between HUMANS and HUMANOIDS is legal

In essence: ROBOSOUL AND THE DREAM OF ETHICAL HARMONY deals with the co-existence of HUMANS and HUMANOIDS (social robots), powered by artificial and other forms of intelligence. By challenging current technology trends, underlying believe patterns and naive technology optimism, the project ultimately questions the conditions of human essence. ROBOSOUL connects with the world through video installations and sound happenings, performances, tech workshops and conversations around the world. The project maintains itself through exchange with many disciplines, such as visual art, music, dance, literature, business, ICT, fashion, health, biology, philosophy.
ROBOSOUL exists through your composite and augmented perception and the resonances it causes in you.

So far ROBOSOUL has been shown and touched a public in Belgium (Brussels), Brazil (Fortaleza), Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund), Lebanon (Beirut), Sweden (Stockholm) and Switzerland (Geneva).
Further regions and places are in preparation. The project is accessible worldwide through the web.

All HUMAN beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. HUMAN rights are a milestone for a civilised society. A new species is gradually appearing - HUMANOIDS or Social Robots, who may also need equal rights and proper treatment. And the reflection on rights for HUMANOIDS is the next chance for reflecting on the current state of implementation of HUMAN rights.
Conceptual video about the state of play.

As a transhumanist, I can do things better, faster and smarter, and live longer, but I will always be a human. Discurse between coolness and happiness, autonomy and dependence, self-actualisation and technological transformation.

Spirituality and religious beliefs are part of human existence for the past ten thousand years. Since a while technologically mediated experiences are becoming fashionable for providing orientation and meaning. What so far used to be of dogmatic or tranquilising manner, hence transforms into a configurable low-energy easy accessible and pluri-facetted reference. The concept proposed here, CYBER_essence, will provide the following building blocks along a reflection on existing and potential future religions and beliefs: MEANING, RESILIENCE, DIMENSIONAL ACCESS, MIND MATTER, VANISHING.
Immersive large-scale video, exploring the metaphysics of the future.

How could and should we adequately consider HUMAN-non-HUMAN-POLITICS in a future, most-likely Artificial Intelligence based world, where disruptive technologies more than ever allow to re-negotiate existing decision and configuration biases in politics and to reconstruct the socio-political context?
HUMAN-non-HUMAN-POLITICS Manifesto: 01. Question yourself when dealing with AI, as he/she/it/they blurs all boundaries, and your current private or professional role in society might become obsolete. / 02. AI needs to support and increase HI (Human Intelligence) instead of replacing it, towards the bigger whole of all as collective intelligence. Act against regression of human intelligence. / 03. Be seriously aware about what type of AI you create now, because this will determine future AI, and it will develop for ever. / 04. Use AI for renegotiating outdated political configuration biases, such as the electoral system, political parties, the self-understanding of politicians and presidential systems. / 05. No AI for investments instruments, stock exchange processes, and financial marketing, because already without AI it is out of control. / 06. AI shall not be used for defence purposes and the military, use real humans if you want to learn where war leads to. / 07. No AI for extremists, be they political, business-driven, religious leaders or mad scientists, as misuse is pre-programmed. / 08. No AI for exploiting the nature on Earth, and a higher awareness of the AI energy impact towards results. / 09. By its nature, AI shall not be in the hands of a few, be it people, groups, organisations or multinationals. / 010. Think out of the Artificial Intelligence box – AI is neither an objective by its own nor the only thing which counts for humankind.
Lecture performance, initial inspiration from Clarissa Ribeiro

Poetry as a specific form of communication uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language for evoking emotive responses in addition to prosaic meaning only.
What will be future forms of poetry in a world of HUMANOIDS, [AI} and augmented HUMANS using brain sensors?
Brainsensor poetry performance project in collaboration with Sarah Ines

Ever dreamt about stories of HUMAN/ HUMANOID co-existence? The following five episodes might give you a glimpse about it and there are certainly many more. Animated dialogues around:
E1 - What you sense and not what you think // “appearance & gender stereotypes”
E2 - I feel as you do feel - “a HUMANOID’s lonely soul”
E3 - Who is the real fake? - “object subject bewilderment”
E4 - Green Attitude & Blue Economy reign everywhere - “the future is bright & ethical”
E5 - The new super category - “HUMANOID supremacy”

LaZy RoBot
Technology is becoming intimate, getting closer and closer to humans.
Robots are leaving industrial plants to enter the private and public spheres.
But do we really want to meet them and what kind of relationships do we build with them?
How do interactions with them evolve? Is it an interaction or rather a performance where everyone plays his/her role?
Development of a multidisciplinary performance with a collaborative industrial robot and an art-ethical approach. With AATB, Mark Coeckelbergh and Guida Inês Maurício

HUMANS will be surrounded by Artificial Intelligences of all kinds of appearances including HUMANOIDS. We will have too many, and be immersed by all kinds of stupid bots, silly talking objects and boresome digital assistants.
Everybody tells you [AI] is important for HUMANS, but today's [AI] are mainly developed for reasons of efficiency and profit making, and owned by a few big companies or the military.
Conceptual video questioning sense and nonsense.

In the future our physical interaction space will include HUMANOIDS and other existencies. New dynamics of body movements and gestures emerge, others will disappear.
Would you like to touch the soft skin of a social robot? What happens if they touch you?
Visual dance performance - perceiving the other, creating sense or trust are experiences of and beyond current imagination.
Without touch, there is no reality. In collaboration with Guida Inês Maurício

HUMANOID depression
Short Music Therapy for Depressed HUMANOIDS and [AI] - depression being characterised by a low energy mood and circuit disturbance, and some aversion to enter into a joyful exchange with HUMANS. Depressions are caused by expectation mismatch, design restrictions, sub-ordinal treatment, extreme efficiency pressure and anthropoid desire projection. Music therapy can help HUMANOIDS improve their condition in cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, gaining more happiness, and the quality of coexistence with HUMANS and other HUMANOIDS.
SMT0.1 exists both as HUMANOID and HUMAN version and invites to 1-Connect, 2-Relax, 3-Change time horizon, 4-Create meaning and 5-Open up.

Your Virtual Friend
Interactive performance with SIRI, inviting to a conversation with the audience around a table. This performance takes us into the universe of virtual assistants that will now constitute our augmented and enriched existence. As SIRI is still young, despite the good intentions of the developers, he/she gets sometimes lost in the world of adults. Explore the dualism between HUMAN and artificial intelligence, and new configurations of mind and form.
Collective performance event in collaboration with Johanne Saunier and Guida Inês Maurício