Working platform for future hUMAN / hUMANOID coexistence   (details...)

//counterpoint to the current only business-driven innovation hype
//challenging positivistic naïve technology attitudes
>humanoids will be part of our society
>humanoids will look like us but also very differently
>humanoids will have qualities different than humans
>humans’ appearance will likewise evolve towards new forms
>humanoids will acquire artificial intelligence
>humanoids can help us in concentrating on human intelligence
>humanoids might claim emotions, feelings, soul and rights
>humanoids might be ethically more correct than humans
>humanoids might change the way of procreation
>humanoids might help increasing fertility
>humanoids might challenge sexuality and gender
>humanoids might outpace and dominate humans
>humans might not correctly treat humanoids
>humanoids might not correctly treat humans
>humanoids will challenge the question of liability
>humanoids will challenge the question of ethics
>humanoids might be more emphatically than humans
>humanoids might contribute to the existence of new gods
>humanoids might be more resistant than humans
>humanoids challenge the question of existence
>humanoids might want to get rid of humans


[1_we want hUMANOIDS to exist for the evolution of hUMANS]
[2_hUMANOIDS cohabit with hUMANS and have the chance for a happy existence]
[3_hUMANOIDS equally have proper rights]
[4_by their existence hUMANOIDS have a soul]
[5_taking care of both hUMANS and hUMANOIDS is important]
[6_mariage of hUMANS and hUMANOIDS is allowed]
[7_implementation of hUMAN rights needs to be pursued]

>everybody is invited to extend and share this Manifesto, but not to reduce its scope
>cc Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International


All hUMAN beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
hUMAN Rights are a milestone during our evolution towards a civilised society.
Their implementation is still ongoing.
The date of accomplishment remains open.
A new species is gradually appearing.
Their name is hUMANOID or Social Robot.
They look like hUMANS. They do not have any rights yet.
We advocate for a joint implementation of hUMAN and hUMANOID rights

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Five exploratory episodes about “Future composite hUMAN/hUMANOID co-existence”:
_E1 > What you sense and not what you think // “appearance & gender stereotypes”
_E2 > I feel as you do feel // “a hUMANOID’s lonely soul”
_E3 > Who is the real fake? // “object subject bewilderment”
_E4 > Green Attitude & Blue Economy reign everywhere // “the future is bright & ethical”
_E5 > The new Übermensch // “hUMANOID supremacy”

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# [AI] HoPe and MaNia

hUMANS will be surrounded by Artificial Intelligences of all kinds of appearances including hUMANOIDS. Most of these [AI] will remain simpleminded, but some will have advanced algorithms, new futuristic components and huge databases for gobal learning and sophisticated reasoning.
Potentially we will have too many, and be immersed by all kinds of silly bots, talking objects and digital assistants.
In general [AI] are built to learn from us – what we say and ask for today will influence the global collective [AI] memory, and trigger what it will tell to others in the future.
But today [AI] are mainly developed for reasons of efficiency and profit making, and owned by a few big companies.
What is the alternative?

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The physical future physical space of interaction between hUMANS and hUMANOIDS will be different.
New dynamics of body movements and gestures emerge, others disappear.
Would you like to touch the soft skin of a social robot? What happens if they touch you?
Perceiving the other, creating sense or trust are experiences of and beyond imagination.
Collaboration with Guida Inês Maurício.


# /t/o/t/a/l/ COMMUNICATION /a/n/d/ POETRY

With no doubt future hUMAN communication will be completely different from today – talking seamlessly with all hUMANS, with hUMANOIDS and chatbots, via new devices and interfaces, mind-controlled and -transported, molecule-based, quantum-based, virtual.
We will build new avenues for linguistic/non-linguistic sign systems, meaning-making and meta-communication. In fact we have no real idea how future communication is going to be alike – maybe for example we do not speak any longer and today’s alphabets will have been transformed or dismissed.
But we will certainly communicate much more and in permanent manner.
For making all that communication bearable, we need more and new forms of hUMAN/hUMANOID poetry – if not it will all be mechanic, boring and not really playful.
Collaborative project (update coming soon)


# CYBER_essence

Let me think about it...
Undoubtedly mind over matter and potentially mind without matter, but also matter as temporary place for existence. Towards a theoretical non-final stage, human mind is a contingent evolutionary process. It might be challenged by new species on earth, techno spirituality or appearances coming from outer space.
Questions will arise towards a new interpretation of human essence – whereas so far we are constructed through delimitation (also meaning in many cases restricting and devalorising the other), the next decennia will challenge us towards a more integrative attitude.
As through human evolution the absence of orientation and meaning acted as a strong source of fear, religious beliefs and spirituality provided concentration points for hope, trust and memory. But the self-chosen way to future worlds will inevitably challenge our existing values, beliefs and practises.
Technologically mediated experiences will be on the rise for delivering orientation and meaning. Whereas the strength of religion was to move people outside of their everyday concerns, facilitated experiences and spiritual tech use seem increasingly capable of moving people without adhering to a specific religion or tradition.


# LEisure WOrld of EVer FLow

Working on it
Emotional lazyness, too much cybersex and gene degeneration